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I have a Baby Blue Crown Conure. He is now weaned as of last week and eats fresh fruits, vegetables and pellets by himself. He's very tamed, friendly and has already started talking. Bird comes with the store receipt as I paid $850 a few weeks ago. I'm asking for a re-homing fee of $600 firm. Please read about the parrot before contacting me. I want to make sure he goes to a good family. Blue C...
210-874-9685 ... The African grey parrot is famous for its intelligence and ability to mimic human speech. This beautiful Congo African grey is available. He is stunning with an excellent vocabulary. His diet consist of Zuprem natural pellets, vegetables, fruits and nuts. He loves to chew wood and play with bell toys.We can ship for $125 Weather Permitting. Any questions please feel free to mes...
12 weeks old African grey parrot contact us by TEXT for more information by TEXT (872) 701-0865 .
Presently, we are hand raising various kinds of macaws, African greys,cockatoos,macaws and different bird species. we also supply freshly tested fertile eggs. we sell in large quantities if need be. Shipping is available world wide.Text 443-681-9287 .
Male and female cockatoo for sale at affordable prices, we also have other birds available and ready for re-homing, visit our website to contact us www.africangreyparrotsforsale.biz .
Super friendly male Goffins Cockatoo needs a new home. He is 5 years old. Loves to talk, cuddle, and dance. Asking re homing.Cage and accessories included...CONTACT US NOW 872 7010865 CONTACT US NOW 872 7010865 CONTACT US NOW 872 7010865 .
klejdfd pair of Macaws birds for new home , text (8I2) xX 463 * 2534 for more information and pictures
Corky is a Ruby Macaw. He loves to be outside of his cage and have his head and back rubbed. He is able to say "Hi Cork, "Bye", "Bubbles", and " Water". Some of his favorite foods include peanuts, cinnamon raisin bread, and mashed potatoes and corn. Corky loves to dance and take baths in his water bowl. He also loves shaking your hand. He in an affectionate bird who wants all of your attention.
Skipper is a Hybrid Macaw. We do not know his gender. He is a mischievous bird who loves tearing up paper and opening his cage. He also loves swinging on the door of his cage. He takes food from the hand, but needs to be handled more. Needs a loving family.
fhjhgkjhjk Large Green Green Wing Macaw for sale.... for more info contact me at (706)xx873xx1022
Vinie is a friendly bird that enjoys playing with her ball. She Likes everyone, but needs more 1 on one time. Her favorite food is sunflower seeds, though she shouldn't have too many because they are a fatty food. Vinie knows how to step up and loves sitting on your shoulder. She can also say "Go Cubs!" She is very social once she knows you. Vinie is not a fan of cats or dogs.
safafsdgfsdf Hand Tame Female Ducorps Cockatoo for sale.... for more info contact me at (706)xx873xx1022
gsfgfdgddf Medium Grey Rose Breasted Cockatoo for sale... for more info contact me at (706)xx873xx1022
cdsgfdhgdfdhd Baby Cockatiels for sale.... for more info contact me at (706)xx873xx1022
The African Grey has been known as a superb talking bird for centuries. As a modern day avian companion, the African Grey fits well into apartments and condominiums due to its small size and quiet nature. They rarely make enough noise to upset your neighbors"Sociable and affectionate, We are offering our handraised baby she talks quite well. .
Ildkdosjjdd..Talking African Grey Birds For Sale...for more info and pictures kindly text or call xx937 xx 550xx 3207 xxx
Sun Conures, Unknown Sex, five years old. We don't know the genders of the birds, I apologize that it is stated "male." I am not allowed to leave it blank. Thank you! This pair of conures have been raised together and we prefer not to split them up. They are friendly when out of the cage, and 1 of them does step-up.
Chilly is a Double Yellow-headed Amazon. She is 13yrs old and loves to play with her toys. She also enjoys dancing and swaying to fast, upbeat music.
Meet "Woody", a Blue-fronted Amazon. Woody loves to forage, take showers, listen to oldies music, and watch TELEVISION.
Red is a Senegal. She likes to whistle back and forth. Likes peanuts and sunflower seeds.
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